In a month's time, I designed and developed from scratch.

Phase 1: Preliminary sketches & roadmapping

The project started with rough sketching and a roadmap to get a feel of the information architecture. Some features were "parked" on this stage, to add once the mvp is ready for a beta.

With a product roadmap going, some new requirements were added to the mvp, like attendees being able to remove themselves from an event.

Phase 2: Early designs

Based on the early discoveries from phase 1 I got started with the initial designs.

With the rough designs ready I could share invision prototypes with friends and colleagues and gather initial feedback.

Phase 3: Development

The initial working prototype based on the designs was developed in Ruby on Rails. A landing page was set up on Heroku to gather leads and direct visitors before the beta was ready to go.

Phase 3.5: Redesign

With the alpha version of the app working, some UX inconsistencies were uncovered. Most of them were minor enough to fix after the mvp had shipped, but a few required a reorganization of the app's architecture.

The new designs fixed the major problems and added some more context and a better design for subsections. This was also a good opportunity to lock up current features, and move new ones to a "todo" list, to be developed after the mvp went live.