Helping DeskPro build a better support platform

Over a year, I worked with the DeskPro team to redesign the support platform & website, and develop the front end code for the developers to implement.

Redesigning the agent interface

I joined DeskPro at a time when the aging product needed an overhaul. Working with the team there, the agent interface was redesigned to simplify a complex interface and allow for extensibility in the future.

A major part of the redesign was keeping a balance between the information heavy interface, and hiding unnecessary complexity.

A large part of the project was simplifying complicated interactions for administrators & managers.

Creating a modular user portal

The user portal is the main source of contact between users and support agents, and needed to be redesigned with a modular approach, and responsiveness in mind.

Each section was designed and developed to stand on it’s own and work on both desktop and mobile enviroments. This way, complex layouts can be built using defferent modules. The design base could be extended to support different brand styles and custom layouts.

From desktop to mobile

New product features where build responsively from scratch, without compromising on functionality between desktop and mobile devices.

The website

The website needed to match DeskPro’s updated look, promote new features and drive sales.

I worked with DeskPro at an important part of the product's growth. I was happy to help improve the value that their product provided to both users and the company itself.