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Jan 21

Improving Photoshop performance

Originally wrote this for an older ill-fated medium blog - photoshop tends to perform terribly on my MacBook Pro and these settings tend to smooth it out quite a bit.

These things tend to help:
Photoshop CC — Preferences — Performance
Let Photoshop use 70% of Ram
History states: 10 (you learn to live with it)
Cache levels: 2
Cache tile: 128

Improving Photoshop performance

Graphic Processor > Advanced Settings
Drawing Mode: Basic (going from advanced to basic seems to help the most)

Random things: Running some sites on the background seems to completely destroy photoshop — any invision pages or youtube videos running as the active tab on firefox and the app gets fairly choppy. Strangely, keeping the tab open but not active fixes the issue.

I could also swear there was a font option to disable font preview on the top bar dropdown that helped quite a bit, but has dissapeared in the latest versions. (grumble)

Nov 20

Floating over to flexbox

Flexbox patterns for some common float headaches.

Flexbox is ostensibly used to lay out pages for different screen sizes, but for now it's best feature is getting rid of floats and absolute position woes.

It's supported by modern browsers, including explorer 11 - (with some caveats). Unsupported ie versions are a (still not small, but shrinking) minority depending on who you ask.

Fixed width side bar & a flexible content container (and equal heights to boot)

A classic pain - the solution right now to either add a padding to the container and absolutely position the sidebar, or javascript pixel counting. Flexbox simplifies it.

See the Pen Flexbox Columns by Dennis Schipper (@dennisschipper) on CodePen.

Adding extra sidebars is as easy as copy & pasting.

See the Pen rOgqmj by Dennis Schipper (@dennisschipper) on CodePen.

Inline lists.

Setting lists on the same line involves either floating all the list items (and clearing the list), or setting list items to display:inline-block. You can set everything on a single list and handle the positioning with flexbox now.

See the Pen LpogLQ by Dennis Schipper (@dennisschipper) on CodePen.

Form inputs with vertically centered fixed width labels on the same line.

This has always been a huge pain, particularly the "expecting forms to behave normaly" part. Html forms are still horribly broken but this solves a major issue.

See the Pen qOGJXx by Dennis Schipper (@dennisschipper) on CodePen.

Browser support for flexbox is decent - older ie version share is dropping and those in explorer 8 or older are used to seeing a broken web by now.